Hylan Motors - Beware of Randy & Sharone Purer of Staten Island Nissan!

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These guys are "scambugs".Be very careful when you still want to deal with them or anyone in their company.

As a consumer, you deserve every penny you earned, right? Spend it well? These guys will give you a run for your money! The words deceitful and schemers are written all over their system!

How do they sleep at nights and what do they feed their families with? It was pure aggravation dealing with them! Pure depression!

I will certainly discourage family and friends to buy nor get service from Staten Island Nissan at Hylan Boulevard.

Remember their names.Remember.

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You are an ***. Just because you dont know how to read paperwork or negotiate, doesnt mean these people hurt you in some financial way. and you are way too cool writing a bad report on the internet, grow some balls and say it to their face

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